Blackstar Promotions was created back in 2016 as the brainchild of musician Alan Galaxy, the concept was to promote music, comedy, art, in fact anything creative which brought people joy.

The company went from strength to strength in the subsequent years promoting tours featuring bands such as The Rezillos and The Vapors and stand-alone gigs by legacy punk acts such as 999, The Lurkers and Eddie & The Hot Rods, prog bands The Gift and The Far Meadow plus events featuring interviews with legends like John Otway, Fish and John Coghlan from Status Quo.

Then came Covid 19 and the world closed down.

Many gigs had to be cancelled and Blackstar lost a lot of traction as did pretty much everyone in the music business, luckily the company went into stasis and managed to bounce back without too much collateral damage caused by multiple lockdowns. 

Blackstar Promotions continues to focus on small gigs featuring Established legacy acts and also small unsigned artists with a view to giving them exposure to a wider audience. Our ethos is that is just one person buys a record by a band that they were unaware of before seeing them at one of our gigs then we have succeeded.

The company has been very fortunate to have made some incredible friends along the way who have all helped get things moving in one way or another. Special thanks must go to the incredible Steve Blacknell and wonderful Lucy Hall who have been great partners and without whom this venture would have been far more difficult to make happen.

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2023 was a busy year for us here at Blackstar, we were still riding the shockwaves of the pandemic which in all honesty nearly did for us as there were no gigs and all the venues were closed. To add to that people’s reluctance to enter crowded places continued long after everything was open so attendances were down everywhere. Thank god we are now getting back to some semblance of normality.

One positive thing that did come out of it was starting up Starblack Press and publishing Simon Lyons’ fabulous novel The Last Weekend in Wonderland. That has given us a new string to our bow and something to work with going forward as Simon is in the process of writing the sequel as we speak.

2024 gives us many new projects to get our teeth into, many new gigs are currently being booked and we hope to be bringing you the likes of 999, The Screaming Dead, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, plus new bands such as Eville and Devil Doll.

Also work continues apace with Spizzenergi who will be releasing a new single in the first half of the year and if all goes to plan it will be on a new record label coming from the Starblack stable.

Everyone’s favourite poet Cherry B is currently writing her debut novel and our team are editing the first draft at the moment, so expect this to be published¬† later this year as well.

All in all things are looking quite rosy for us at Blackstar Towers but we couldn’t do it without you our faithful gig goers and book lovers.

Long may it continue.

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